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The Hostal Spa Empúries presents its new line of exclusive cosmetics

natural cosmetics maintain or boost the skin’s natural balance, help activate its own self-regulating powers and complement its natural functions

the problem most people have is finding the right balance for their skin. Nature is healthy and wise, but all too often we don’t make the most of her gifts. Many conventional cosmetics products contain a variety of different inactive ingredients designed to add extra texture and aroma and increase their shelf life… at the lowest possible cost, which means using cheap synthetic products that can even be detrimental to your health

the Hostal Spa Empúries cosmetics line is 100 % free of silicones, parabens, paraffins, mineral oils, oil derivatives, aluminium, PEG, colourings, heavy metals, sulphates and chemical sun filters. They are also cruelty free: they are not tested on animals

thanks to their Nature and Bio certification, you can be sure that our ingredients come from controlled harvests, organic agriculture and crops free from pesticides and chemical fertilisers


Rose & Bamboo Cleansing Emulsion

suitable for all skin types

gently removes dirt and makeup: face, eyes, lips

does not irritate eyes. Leaves your face clean, fresh, sparkling and very soft

with almond oil, Damask rose water, bamboo extract and geranium essential oil


Face Mask with Green Mud & Hyaluronic Acid

a firming, antioxidant face mask with green mud, olive oil and hyaluronic acid

contains 100% natural sundried Illite green mud. A pure, high-quality exfoliant that mattifies your skin and deep-cleanses your pores. One of the most powerful detoxifying, purifying muds. You’ll be amazed how it lights up your face and leaves it cleansed and fresh!


Face Mask with White Mud & Hyaluronic Acid

suitable for dry, sensitive and mature skin

firming, antioxidant face mask with white mud, olive oil and hyaluronic acid. Rich in silicon, with low minerality, white mud is especially recommended for dry, sensitive and mature skin

contains 100% natural sundried white mud or kaolin. A pure, high-quality product that cleans and deep-cleanses your skin. One of the gentlest and most deeply purifying muds. You’ll be amazed how it lights up your face and leaves it cleansed and fresh!


Intensive Aloe Vera Serum & Hyaluronic Acid for Around the Eyes

intensive face serum

moisturising and anti-ageing

ideal for tired skin with lost tone

intensive aloe vera serum with hyaluronic acid is a real treat for your skin. This light, refreshing gel firms and regenerates your skin

it delivers an immediate sense of wellbeing, smooths your skin, gives it a nutritional boost and leaves it glowing. It visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles


Pomegranate Cream

anti-ageing face cream

designed to firm and strengthen skin and minimise and prevent the appearance of fine lines and other signs of ageing

its active ingredients act on cells to stimulate cell repair. Thanks to its high concentration of natural antioxidants, Pomegranate Cream protects you from free radicals and boosts skin regeneration. Its select ingredients, including jojoba oil, rosehip oil, pomegranate seed oil, cocoa butter, coenzyme Q10 and vitamin C, deliver deep moisturising, flexibility and elasticity and leave your skin with a velvety texture

rice powder, also known as oryza sativa and used for centuries in the ancient art of Ayurveda, is packed with restorative properties: it reduces shine, cleanses pores, prevents skin impurities and soothes irritations

pomegranate Cream has a lovely fresh aroma. It is easily absorbed into the skin to leave it silky smooth. Ideal for all skin types, except greasy skin


Rose & Bamboo Cream

night face cream

recommended for normal, dry, sensitive and mature skin

has a lifting and anti-blemish effect

this cream is made from Damask rose, rosehip oil and almond oil, virgin beeswax, rose wax, rose petal extract, bamboo extract and noble Damask rose essential oil

bamboo has purifying, draining, anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties. it is rich in silicon, which helps synthesise collagen, the protein responsible for elasticity. it also helps prevent cell ageing in the skin and protects it from sunlight. It softens, moisturises and boosts the skin’s elasticity. thick, creamy Rose & Bamboo Cream is a moisturising, nourishing, revitalising cream. it stimulates the skin’s own self-correcting capacity. it nourishes and moisturises, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes and tightens the skin to restore its natural glow. the ideal ally for nighttime skin regeneration. your smooth skin will glow with natural health


Damask Rose Water Bio Face Tonic

astringent and lifting, this hydrolyte is essential for combating skin ageing. it is also the ideal tonic for moistening skins with seborrhea or acne. the noble Damask rose is packed with vitamins and antioxidants (C, E, K and carotenes), making it ideal for fighting free radicals. it regenerates skin cells and helps tighten skin and combat other ravages of the passing of time. damask rose works magic on skin!


Coconut & Buriti Regenerating Body Oil

this light, luxury, dry, amber-like oil moisturises, softens and lights up your skin to give it a delicate velvety feel. enriched with buriti oil, it is a natural antioxidant from the Amazon. it helps prevent skin ageing and is a natural cure for wrinkles and external aggressions. it also has great healing and calming properties. it subtly perfumes the skin with echoes of sunny summer days and helps prolong your tan. its bright mineral pigments leave a seductive iridescent air

the mineral pigments settle at the bottom of the bottle, leaving you with the option of giving yourself an iridescent air all year round

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