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General Conditions

General Conditions of the Reservation Service

HOSTAL EMPÚRIES, S.L. makes available to its clients, (henceforth, “the Client”), the online reservation service which will allow him/her to reserve his/her stay at “Hostal Empúries” from his/her computer, by accessing the Web page named, (henceforth, “the Web”).

“Hostal Empúries’” online reservation service is subject to the current general conditions, (henceforth, the “General Conditions of the Reservation Service”), which are defined under the following headings:

1.    – The General Conditions of the Reservation Service and its Acceptance.
2.    -  Details of the Service Provider.
3.    -  Making a Reservation.
4.    – Booking Proceedure.
5.    – Relevant Costs and Taxes.
6.    – Cancellation or Amendment Reservation Policy.
7.    – Security.

1. – General Conditions of the Online Reservation Service and its Acceptance.

“Hostal Empúries’” online reservation service is subject to the General Conditions of the Reservation Service, which are upheld by the general conditions for access and use of the Web, which the Client may consult via the “Legal Note/Privacy Policy” document, with a prior understanding of the accessing of this reservation service which shall also be accepted as part of the approved current General Conditions.

The stated general conditions of access and use of the Web may contain clauses which contradict the current General Conditions, in which case those of the General Conditions overrule those of the Web.

In order to make an online reservation of a room at “Hostal Empúries” it is necessary that the Client accepts the current General Conditions.  Acceptance of the General Conditions of the Reservation Service signifies expressed and full acceptance, without exception, of every one of the stated conditions in the version published by HOSTAL EMPÚRIES, S.L. from the moment the Client accesses the Web.

2. – Details of the Service Provider.

We hereby provide for Client use the particular details of the service provider :

• Company name : HOSTAL EMPÚRIES, S.L.
• Company address : Platja del Portitxol s/n, Postal deposit box 174, 17130 L’Escala, Girona (Spain).           
• Company number : B – 58836065.
• Telephone : 972 77 02 07
• Fax : 972 98 29 36
• E-mail :
• Registered at the Business Register of Girona in volume 1118, section 185, page GI-20                
Regarding any requests, doubts or queries we urge the Client to contact HOSTAL EMPÚRIES, S.L. at the above.

Customer service hours are 8am to 10pm.

3. Making a Reservation.

The Client has the option of selecting his/her reservation through the online reservation service of “Hostal Empúries” with the help of the following details :

1.    Number of people and nights.
2.    Picture of the room.
3.    Description of the room, including its benefits, (air conditioning, central heating, safe, etc.).
4.    Views from the room, (over the sea or garden).
5.    Room price relative to the number of nights reserved, (taxes included).
6.    Extras by the day and by person, (taxes included).

HOSTAL EMPÚRIES, S.L.  will make every effort to provide accurate information via the Web, without typographical errors, endevouring to show the most faithful images possible of the rooms.

In the case of a typographical error, or erroneous description of a room, HOSTAL EMPÚRIES, S.L. will take immediate action to ensure its correction, and if any Client has made a reservation based on the said error, HOSTAL EMPÚRIES, S.L.  will advise the Client of the said error and the Client may cancel his/her reservation bearing none of the costs.

4. Booking Proceedure.

The online booking procedure is composed of the following steps : 

A)    DEFINITION OF STAY: The Client must first define the details of his/her stay at “Hostal Empúries”, indicating the day of arrival and departure subject to the availability of the Hostal, the number of nights, type or room and extras that may be required.
ATTENTION : If the Client forms part of a business party, group or association, they must complete the relevant field in order to comply with the special conditions.

The Client has the option of adding more than one stay at Hostal Empúries without the need to begin a new reservation application, in which case they must use the trolley reservation function.

Having selected all the details of their stay, the Client will move to the next step by clicking on the icon marked (“finalise your reservation”).

B)    CLIENT DETAILS : The reservation page requires the personal and financial details of the Client.

Reservations will be confirmed on receipt of a credit card number, (visa or mastercard), and its expiry date as guarantee.

C)    CONFIRMATION :  Once the reservation application is completed, the Client then proceeds to the confirmation of his/her reservation by clicking on the icon marked (“confirm reservation”).

The reservation confirmation will be sent via the Web with a reservation number in order to make it tracable and/or proceed to its cancellation.

Therefore, a message via e-mail will be sent, with a description of the completed booking and the personal details received.  Failure to receive this message may be due to some temporary problem in internet communications or an error in the e-mail address received.  In both cases, it is advisable that you contact HOSTAL EMPÚRIES, S.L.

5. – Relevant Costs and Taxes.

The price of the rooms is shown in EUROS or American DOLLARS.

The User will always be able to see the price and details of the rooms prior to his/her reservation, by looking at the information on the Web.

The Client also has the option of seeing the prices of the extras, and what the breakfast consists of.

The prices in EUROS includes 10 percent VAT.

From 1st November 2012 on, all tourist establishments are obliged to apply a tax on stays. In case of Hostal Spa Empúries, the amount will be 1 € (VAT included) per person and day, for a maximum of 7 days. People aged 16 or under are exempted. For more information, please clic here.

  1. – Cancellatioon or Amendment Reservation Policy.

    The cancellation or amendment of a reservation by the Client, automatically incurs  a charge from the credit card given as guarantee along the following costs : 

    • More than 15 days before arrival : no charge
    • Between 15 and 8 days before arrival : 50% charge total stay
    • Between 7 days and 48 hours before arrival : 75% charge total stay
    • Less than 48 hours, non-arrival or during the stay : 100% charge total stay

    7. – Security.

    The protection of your financial and personal information is one of the top priorities of HOSTAL EMPÚRIES, S.L.  We therefore automatically codify all sensitive information transmitted between yourselves and our staff.

    Your computer : 
    On registering or iniciating a session on our site, we verify that your Internet browser operates Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 3.0 or more advanced.

    In transit :
    All information is protected via SSL with a ciphered key 128 bits in length (the highest level commercially available).
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